BASE Associations

Australian BASE Association

The Australian BASE Association is dedicated to increased levels of safety within the base jumping sport.

Finnish BASE Association

Finnish BASE Association is a registered Finnish association. Its purpose is to advance the sport of BASE-jumping in Finland, to work towards greater acceptance of the sport, and to clear up misconceptions about BASE-jumping.

French BASE Association

Association Française de BASE jump.

German BASE Association
Verein Deutscher ObjektSpringer e.V.

The VDO's goals are organisation of the BASE sport in Germany, legal processing of jump events, site evaluation and permanent permissions for fixed objects.

Italian BASE Association

Associazione Italiana BASE Jumping.

South African BASE Association

The primary goal of is to have a platform where all local jumpers can communicate, share photos, upload news and events and basically just build one local online community for BASE jumping in South Africa.

Asociación Española de Salto Base

Official BASE Jumping Association in Spain.

Stavanger BASE Klubb

We are a small volunteer BASE Club, and we do our best to make BASE jumping better and safer every year. On this web site you will find information and good advice to follow while you are BASE jumping in this district.

Swiss BASE Association

Information regarding BASE jumping in Switzerland.



Forums is the largest interactive BASE jumping destination site for jumpers and enthusiasts on the web.

Blinc Magazine

Everything you ever wanted to know about BASE-Jumping, but didn't know whom to ask.

UK BASE Forums

Forum for the UK BASE jumping community.



Adrenalin BASE

Since 1996 the company Adrenalin Base localized in Chamonix Mont Blanc valley (France) has been at the leading edge in design, development and manufacture of B.A.S.E jumping equipment.

Australian Dealer: Feral


APEX brings more cumulative years of experience in BASE Jumping and manufacturing than any other company in the world. We are known not only for the superior equipment that we produce, but also for the exemplary standards that we exhibit in our ethics, education, and safety.

Australian Dealer: Feral

Asylum Designs

Asylum Designs' mission is to provide the highest quality BASE Jumping Equipment, BASE Training, and Customer Service to jumpers world-wide. Our focus is on equipment innovation, safety, and support.

Atair Canopies

Atair is located in Sovenia.
Manufacturer of some of the worlds most popular and revolutionary BASE canopies.

Australian Dealer: Feral

Consolidated Rigging

Consolidated Rigging was created in 1989 in response to increasing demand for our homemade BASE specific products. Since that time we have grown into an internationally recognized company dedicated to the needs of fixed object jumpers.

Morpheus Technologies

Morpheus Technologies emerged due to the overwhelming response to the pin-closed containers. They produce a number of popular BASE containers.

Australian Dealer: Feral


Phoenix-Fly is a cutting edge new company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of high performance wingsuits and tracking suits for skydiving and BASE Jumping.

Australian Dealer: Feral

Squirrel Wingsuits

Squirrel offers the most advanced wingsuits in the world, with zero compromise in workmanship, materials, and technology. Our designs are based on real aerodynamic research and decades of experience in wingsuit BASE jumping. The core purpose and driving motivation of the company is to build suits that we can trust our lives to when flying the most advanced and committing lines in big mountains.

Australian Dealer: Feral


BASE Jumping Events or Event Organisers

BASE Jumping Displays

World leaders in base jumping events off buildings. At their biggest event in Malaysia in 2017, 5000 BASE jumps were completed off 2 buildings over 2 weekends by 100 BASE jumpers from around the world.

Bridge Day

Bridge Day is the largest extreme sports event in the world held on the third Saturday in October every year in Fayetteville, West Virginia, USA.

KL Tower Jump

Information about Menara KL's past BASE jumping events in Malaysia along with some other Malaysian events when Gary Cunnigham was the organisers..


Pro BASE started to organize BASE jumping competitions in Spain in 2008. The huge success of this event led to repeat it the following year and we already started to think of how to expand this event and turn it into an entire tour of BASE jumping events. The ProBASE World Cup was born!!


UK Pro BASE has been established as a non-profit organisation to organise high profile BASE jumping events in the UK.

World BASE Race

Envision two men standing on wooden platforms at the edge of a mountain cliff. Each man is dressed in what appears to be a flying squirrel suit. At the signal, they jump and race head-on to the finish line, deploying their parachutes and gliding to a safe landing.



BASE Dreams

Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about BASE jumping... along with some of the finest BASE jumping and extreme sports footage from the most beautiful places on earth taken by Chris 'Douggs' McDougall.

Learn To BASE Jump

Promoting safety, sharing knowledge & maintaining ethics in BASE jumping.
Learn To BASE Jump (LTBJ) offers a variety of comprehensive, exclusive courses, delivered by a highly experienced team. LTBJ have designed and developed every course from scratch, based on experience and knowledge gained over the team's many years in the sport.

Snake River Base Academy

Provides BASE training courses.
"Higher education for lower freefall."

BASE Fatality List

Published for its educational, historical, and memorial value.