About - Australian BASE Association

The Australian BASE Association is dedicated to increased levels of safety within the base jumping sport.

What is the Australian BASE Association?


The Australian BASE Association (ABA) is a non-incorporated association of people, both jumpers and non-jumpers, sharing a common goal of achieving the aims stated below.


The Aims of the ABA are:

  • Enhance safety for BASE jumpers.
  • Development of a ‘Code of Ethics’ for BASE jumping.
  • Decriminalise BASE jumping in National Parks.

As the Aims are straightforward support is high.


This will be obtained by consistent lobbying.


Dissemination of information over the internet is currently the most efficient way to share safety related issues. This is done through websites and email.


The ABA does not, and never has, purport that it represents all Australian jumpers. Several known jumpers choose to have nothing whatsoever to do with the ABA.


The ABA holds a general meeting annually. At this meeting nominations are voted on by both those present and by proxy vote for the positions.


1. Permit System

  1. There is already a permit system in place. It does not work!

  2. This system has been tested by applying for a permit and it was refused. This was not due to the application lacking in any way.

  3. As reiterated by Dr. Fleming on the 6th of December 2004, the NPWS Legislation requires a permit. NPWS management policy on activities prohibits issue of permits.

2. Designated Site/s

  1. Designated area/s would not work as jumpers would eventually open up new, and possibly safer, sites elsewhere. By jumping outside the designated sites we would be classed as criminals yet again.

  2. As with climbing, when equipment and skill levels develop, previously unthinkable sites may be suitable for jumping.